By now, everyone on planet Earth has seen the new video campaign ad featuring Michael J. Fox, shaking uncontrollably from Parkinson's tremors as he endorses Democratic Senate candidate Claire McCaskill of Missouri. Fox, like McCaskill, is a vocal supporter of embryonic stem cell research and in the ad he lays into incumbent Republican Jim Talent for not wanting to cough up the dough for more funding. Now get ready for the "answer ad" that's been thrown up as a rebuttal, featuring none other than the Light of the World himself, James Caviezel. This ad begins with Caviezel directly addressing the viewer in unsubtitled Aramaic before handing off to some sports notables and television personalities, each of whom lay out reasons why the viewer must not to be fooled into supporting the measure.

Caviezel returns to close the show, gazing at us like the filthy sinners we are and warning us "don't do it." Whether you support the stem cell measure or not, you have to wonder if this kind of thing represents a taste of what's in store for us in the future -- candidates coming up with a message and then shopping for a celebrity who will endorse it on television. One day politicians will wake up and realize that our votes can't be bought so easily, right? Yeah, I know -- don't be so gullible, McFly.

So anyway, who do you think would win in a street-brawl-for-it-all between The Savior of Man and The Man Who Will Not Be Called Chicken? On the one hand, Jesus can probably time travel without having to get up to 88mph, but on the other hand, Marty can walk on water if he has the hoverboard with power.

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