If you've ever taken a stroll through New York's financial district, there's a good chance you've spotted at least one shoeshine stand set up. While I've never taken the time to stop in to get my shoes polished up, they seem to be pretty popular with the suits. And I'm sure, as these suits sit on their high chair and wait for the shine to end, they bark all kinds of juicy insanity into their cell phone. No worries -- I mean, who's listening anyway? The shoeshine guy?

Well, Warner Bros. has tapped Charles Leavitt (Blood Diamond) to adapt Confessions of a Wall Street Shoeshine Boy, an unpublished novel written by Vanity Fair editor Doug Stumpf. Story revolves around a reporter who gets in tight with a shoeshiner in order to expose a whole lot of corruption taking place within a Wall Street firm. While it doesn't appear to be based on a true story, I'm sure this sort of thing happens all the time and it's always the person you least suspect. Oh, and for those who think the plot seems boring, they're calling this one a "legal thriller," which means someone will wind up dead in one of them groovy-looking corporate bathrooms.

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