Hey, remember how I told you about the Killers video that Tim Burton was reportedly directing back in September? At the time, no one knew when and how we would ever get to see the thing, as Burton was busy building miniature sets in London. Well, guess what -- MTV has your first look at the brand spanking new video over on their site, and the thing looks sweeter than sweet ... if that's possible.

It's for a really groovy (man, I sound like my dad) song called Bones, and the music video marks Burton's first as a director. After watching it, like me, you'll probably wish the guy would direct a lot more of them. As promised, it's filled with plenty of Burton-esque material, including nods to a few B-horror movies, lots and lots of skeletons and a jazzed up drive-in movie theater. Oh, and as an added bonus, there's also a "making of" featurette which follows the actual video. If there was ever a perfect song for Tim Burton to run with, this is it. Do yourself a favor and go check this bad boy out.

Here's a question: If you could have any filmmaker direct a music video, who would it be and which song?

[via Pop Candy]

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