In an effort to drum up some attention for his inevitably wretched rendition of the ultra-violent video game known as Postal, doctor, pugilist and certifiable idiot Uwe Boll has drafted an arcane and painful-to-read letter that indicates how truly loopy the man actually is. Yes, the unapologetically vicious mayhem to be found in Postal is a response to ... war, intolerance, global hatred and George Bush. Yep, Uwe's gettin' political.

The letter was posted at, a site that's become Boll's own personal publicist over the past year or so. I'm quoting directly from the source, so point all your spelling and grammar corrections toward the Boll-man. He's a doctor, don't forget...

"Now is the time for the world to see 'POSTAL' and here are my reasons why: After the September 11th. attacks, our world went through some dramatic changes. We have wars and terror in Afghanistan, Israel, Lebanon, Iraq and various states in Africa. The USA & Europe are scared to loose the leadership of the planet to China & India. Moslem fanatics & fundamentalists are gaining enough power to destroy our security and freedom."

(Keep in mind that Postal is about a post office worker who goes ape-shit and sets out to murder as many people as possible.)

"Our present political situation is intolerable. We have deranged religious fanatics on one hand and lobbyists from the oil & weapon industries on the other hand. Both sides are actively working at destroying the planet. This world is slowly dying due to global warming & pollution caused by man's corporate greed and stupidity. If intelligent people do not stop this madness, then our grandchildren will not experience life."

(Again, it's a flick about a murderous mailman.)
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