If there's one thing Lionsgate is known for, it's gotta be the outfit's expertise in the field of marketing, promoting and selling its horror flicks. Whether it's that freaky-weird poster for The Descent or the blood-based one-sheet and plasma drives for Saw 3, it's pretty obvious that Tim Palen's marketing team works overtime while coming up with their new gimmicks. Oh, and here's a new one:

The brand-new trailer for Hostel 2, which will premiere tonight on MTV before landing a home in front of all the Saw 3 prints, will be entirely in German. Yes, a Prague-shot film that stars mostly Americans will have its trailer debut in the German language -- for no other reason than that German is "more guttural and harsh," says Palen. Weird.

Eli Roth'sHostel 2 hits theaters next January, and I'll be sure to post a trailer link in this spot (trailer link) after its MTV debut has passed and the trailer gets comfy in Quicktime. But what's your take on this rather strange little move? I mean, LG had trouble selling the French-speaking High Tension to the American masses, so why go the foreign language route when you don't have to?

Ah well, it's not like Hostel 2 is being sold on its dialogue, right?
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