If you don't live in a big city or attend a big film school, the availability of most art films to you is next to nothing. And when I say art films, I don't mean Little Miss Sunshine; I mean Man Ray's Emak-Bakia and Nam June Paik'sZen for Film. Okay, so those might show up at your local museum, but what about avante garde films by John Lennon and Yoko Ono? Stan Brakhage? Joris Ivens? William S. Burroughs? Rather than trying to rent these experimental films from Netflix or buying whole collections from Amazon, you can go the digital route and watch them on your computer for free. Cinematical's sister-site DV Guru has discovered UbuWeb, which features around 100 different artists, each with one or more films available to download. So, if you haven't seen Ballet Méchanique or, God forbid, Un Chien Andalou, now you have no more excuses.

For less high-brow material, you can also always go to Jonhs.net, which streams (no time-consuming downloads) films that have fallen out of copyright, or for some other reason are available for free. There you can watch everything from silent films by Buster Keaton, classics like It's a Wonderful Life, recent films like Steal this Movie, cheap B-movies, training videos, undistributed documentaries, and more. If you don't see anything you like now (how is that possible?), keep going back, as the site is constantly getting new stuff in daily. And sometimes what is there today may be gone tomorrow. I just watched Death of a President on the site Tuesday, and now it has been removed.

Be warned: you might not leave your computer for awhile.