There has been a lot of press over Death of a President, and we've been following this fictional documentary since it made its premiere at the Toronto Film Festival. Controversy has also been following this film from day one -- of course, this is a movie that features images of the assassination of President Bush, so said controversy should come as no surprise.

Some of the latest buzz surrounding Gabriel Range's film revolve around the difficulties he has had with advertising and distribution, but a Canadian distribution company thinks they might have the answer. Maple Pictures has produced an ad campaign for Buffalo NY newspapers to encourage Americans to make the drive to Canada to see the film. The ads will be running on October 27 -- the same day the film will open both in Canada and the US.

Maple hopes to spread their campaign to other neighboring American cites like Seattle and Detroit once the film has opened to try and boost it's visibility. An admirable idea, but I doubt whether people are willing to make a border crossing just to see what all the fuss is about.

[via Variety]