This week's Austin Film Festival might not be quite as big as that other film festival that takes place in Austin in the spring, but it's still possible to see films on an entirely different parallel track to someone else. In other words, I can think of a few people I know who are also attending the festival whom I haven't seen because they're watching different films than I am. After all, it's impossible to see everything. Check out some of these blog entries from other AFF attendees who watched Death of a President while I was at Rescue Dawn, or who attended more conference sessions that I could manage.
  • AFF itself has a blog that includes some interesting interviews with filmmakers whose movies screened at the festival this year. Highlights include Dale Kutzera, who directed the feature Military Intelligence and You, and Daniel O'Connor, who directed Run Robot Run.
  • Austinist has been covering AFF continually, and was the best place to find the latest info about awards and special screenings -- I believe the site is actually one of the festival sponsors. There's a good interview with Brian Helgeland, who screened a director's cut of Payback at AFF. I also liked Austinist's cool photos from the opening-night party.