Variety reports that Fox Animation president Chris Meledandri has scooped up the rights to Roald Dahl's Fantastic Mr. Fox, which will be directed by Wes Anderson, based on the script he wrote with Noah Baumbach. The film will be a mixture of several forms of animation, mostly stop-motion. Anderson had been associated with the film as long ago as 2004, when Revolution Studios owned the films rights to the book, and Anderson was planning on working with stop-motion director extraordinaire, Henry Selick.

This slim novella has been a board game, an opera, and will now finally see life as a motion picture, probably sometime in 2009. Animation takes time, and when it's stop-motion it takes even longer. It will be very interesting to see how Wes Anderson handles this movie. I am a huge fan of all his previous work, especially Bottle Rocket. Wes is a quirky director like Paul Thomas Anderson (no relation) who knows how to populate his films with enough character and detail that it seems they take place in an alternate universe, and somewhere you wouldn't mind living.

Hopefully Wes will be able to pull a Tim Burton and direct a terrific stop-motion film that keeps the whimsy of the book, and allows Anderson some room to stretch his legs in an animated fashion.

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