Tonight is going to be sexygoodtime of Borat. I saw Borat at a super-early sneak in May, and tonight it's screening again. And I'm going to see it. And taking friends. For movie reviewers -- who normally make a few fitful rounds of phone calls to see if someone, anyone will see something like Flags of Our Fathers or Undeclared with them so they don't have to sit there alone, taking a friend to see something like Borat early is a rare pleasure. Plus, the phone calls I've been getting back from Ben trying to coordinate meeting up are pretty hilarious, if unprintable. I'm partially going on a professional level -- Perhaps this print is different; perhaps there are things I may have missed the first time around -- and partially because after spending all week thinking about Deliver us From Evil and The Bridge, some laughs sound good right about now. Oscar season is rolling in like a cold front, so gather your yuks while ye may. Because there's not gonna be a lot of laughs at the theaters, I should think, until early '07.

And at some point, this weekend, I'm going to watch Goldfinger. I want to get excited about Bond again before Casino Royale, and a Goldfinger (jumpsuits, plots, wacky names) and From Russia with Love (grim, gritty, kick-ass fistfights) double-bill is going to be my refresher in why I like Bond in the first place, or if I like Bond at all.

Anything you're watching this weekend?