Holy sweet transvestite, Janet. Rumors are swirling around the internet about the possibility that Fox may finally be making some progress on that Rocky Horror Picture Show remake and/or possible sequel we've been hearing about since 2002 (c'mon, guys, this can't be that hard -- it's just a jump to the left, and then a step to the right ... right?) The remake was supposed to have happened to coincide with the show's 30th anniversary, but that came and went a year ago (not that anyone's counting). The more interesting rumor du jour is that shock-rocker/artistic genius Marilyn Manson supposedly let slip in an interview with E! that Fox has approached him about the possibility of taking on the role of Dr. Frank-N-Furter, originated by Tim Curry.

Before we go any further here, folks, I want to make it abundantly clear: All these stories out there -- every single one I've found thus far -- references a single piece on bloodydisgusting.com that's based on a single report from a reader that he or she heard Manson say on an interview with E! that Fox had approached him about the role. I haven't seen the interview myself, I can't find a copy of it online, and even the E! Online website, fount of truth and knowledge, makes nary a mention of this news. Manson's official website, while visually very cool, is either not navigable at the moment, or I'm not artsy enough to figure out where to click to get anywhere.
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