On this edition of Movie Pics, Jim Carrey goes crazy, Michel Gondry takes a trip to Passaic, New Jersey and -- wait, there's another Iwo Jima film from Clint Eastwood? Oh, you bet your ass there is. Check it out:

  • Some of the first images from Clint Eastwood's second Iwo Jima-related film, Letters from Iwo Jima, have hit the net. While Flags of our Fathers (in theaters now) recalls the Battle of Iwo Jima from the American perspective (ya know, the whole famous flag raising photo thing), Letters focuses on the Japanese perspective. Ken Watanabe stars in the pic, and it's currently scheduled for a February 7 release. [via JoBlo]
  • It's not much, but the New York Times ran a story recently covering Michel Gondry's decision to shoot his new film, Be Kind Rewind, in Passaic, New Jersey. One of the pics show a bunch of kids hanging around outside what appears to be the actual video store in which folks like Jack Black and Mos Def try to save (by re-creating a bunch of classic movies after they're accidentally ruined) in order to satisfy the store's one loyal customer -- an old woman with signs of dementia. The other photo features Gondry on set. Flick is due out in theaters next year.
  • Though the trailer for The Number 23 was supposed to run before prints of Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning, that didn't happen (we think). However, JoBlo snagged a bunch of screencaps from the trailer and, well, Jim Carrey looks pretty messed up in this one. Directed by Joel Schumacher, pic seems to go the Stranger Than Fiction route in that it revolves around a guy (Carrey) who becomes obsessed with a book he thinks is based on his life -- a book that ends with a murder that hasn't happened yet. Spooky. Unlike Fiction, The Number 23 is going the dark route, as you can probably detect from the assortment of stills available. Yep, dark and bloody. I dig it.
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