Everyone loves a heist movie, and now the story of one of the most infamous bank robberies in history is finally being made into a film. The Baker Street robbery was one of England's best-kept secrets for the last 35 years -- thanks to a government gag order. No one was ever arrested and the money was never found, so if you like to root for the bad guys in a movie, then this is the story for you. Production Weekly has reported that Roger Donaldson is now attached to direct Baker Street, starring Jason Statham (Crank). Donaldson's resume includes Thirteen Days and The Bounty; unfortunately it also includes Cocktail, but perhaps we can overlook that one. Production is set to begin in 2007 in the UK, with a script penned by Dick Clement and Ian La Frenais.

It looks like Jason Statham has pretty much set up camp in either action or heist movies, so this project seems like a logical step -- even with the director of Cocktail at the helm. With the upcoming heist flicks Oceans 13 and The Brazilian Job (which also includes Statham in the cast) you have to wonder: Is there room for one more? Or have audiences had all the heist they can handle?

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