Just a few days ago, Superman Returns finally broke the magic $200 million domestic box office mark set by Warner Bros. as the necessary standard for a sequel. With the benchmark met, the studio sat down with director Bryan Singer this past weekend and inked out terms for a new deal. IESB did some investigating, and they report the following from "studio insider" sources:

  • Most, if not all, of the original Returns team will be working on the sequel, and the big deals were all finalized late last week or this past weekend, only days before the $200 million take became official.
  • The much-rumored smaller budget is fact. All told, Returns cost over $250 million. The new flick will be slashed all the way down to a piddling $140-175 million. This is still a lot of money, so you need not worry about a severe deterioration of CGI or other effects.
  • Much like the Fantastic Four and other superhero flicks, the sequel plans to have much, much more action. Comic book movies often struggle to find the balance between plot and action; a struggle which often damages promising flicks. Maybe as we press on, writers, directors, and studios will get better at finding said balance. We can hope, right?

What say you? Can Singer pull off a sequel that's better than his own so-called sequel?

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