While the big Batman location news these days is the whole Hong Kong deal, the film does expect to do most of the primary shooting right here in the States. In fact, the Nolan brothers are reportedly eying up the city of Chicago for another Batman performance, having loved it so much the first time. Director Christopher Nolan told the Chicago Sun-Times: "Shooting in Chicago again is something we're definitely thinking about because we had a truly remarkable experience shooting there the first time."

I've never spent time in Chicago, but the city is on the short list of places which holds a sort of American mystique for me. Although (or perhaps because, who knows) I have no personal experience with the place, it holds a tiny place in my heart, and I'm always pleased to hear good news about it. It occurs to me, however, a major motion picture spending a large amount of time in your city may not be considered "good" news by the residents themselves. So what about it, Chicago? Excited to welcome them back, or already grumbling about the traffic stoppages?
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