With Babel opening today, we at Cinematical thought we'd provide links to two seperate festival-circuit reviews of Babel -- one, from Cannes, by Editor-in-Chief James Rocchi; the other, from Telluride, by Managing Editor Kim Voynar.

Kim's Take

"There are filmmakers who make good films, even great films, and then there are filmmakers who take making a movie to a whole new level of artistry, so far above the mean as to be incomparable to anything else. Alejandro González Iñnáritu is such a filmmaker, and with Babel he tells his story with such power and control that by the end of it you are at his cinematic mercy, utterly exhausted and spent. ..."

James' Take:

Just like Amores Perros and 21 Grams, Babel is gorgeously shot and made with real filmmaking talent; at the same time, while Iñárritu's working on a worldwide canvas here, he is making very similar strokes to those in his prior films. Part of me watched Babel with a feeling of apprehension -- is Iñárritu in a groove, or a rut?