Walden Media is taking a break from the "turn books into movies" business to develop a project of their own. The project doesn't have a solid working title yet, but the general idea of the plot centers around a young teenage kid who discovers he is a descendant of the famous Harry Houdini. This leads him on a discovery quest in an attempt to learn the (often secretive) story of Houdini's past. Walden is still looking for a screenwriter (brush up your resumes, guys) but they have attached a director to the project -- Mark Waters, of Mean Girls fame.
If I were to admit to a guilty pleasure as a geek beat writer, it would certainly be kid flicks/family films. While I generally view, enjoy, and write about films with titles like Sin City which are packed full of non-family friendly goodness, I also really enjoy a nice little PG flick with fun, simple characters and a happy ending. I know, weird, right? One of my favorite movies in the recent past was Curious George. In the same vein, I've been thoroughly geeked out for the upcoming Happy Feet. There isn't enough information about this Houdini movie yet (obviously, since a script hasn't even been written), but I think it has good kid-flick potential. Stick around, Cinematical will be sure to bring you plot/casting updates if and when they happen.
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