Though Sacha Baron Cohen and his team of pranksters were desperately trying to keep his next character a secret, the cat (or, in this case, the homosexual Austrian youth-oriented news reporter) has been let out of the bag. That's right folks, as most of you had hoped, Cohen will follow-up his Borat flick with a feature film called Bruno, based on the last of his absurd characters fromDa Ali G Show. Me like very much.

The project sparked an intense bidding war Thursday as studios battled one another for the rights to distribute. Supposedly, Universal Pictures is the current frontrunner, reportedly making a $42 million offer for worldwide rights. However, Dreamworks, Sony, 20th Century Fox and Warner Bros. are all in the hunt as well. Word spread faster than cream cheese during Sunday brunch with the family this morning, and it couldn't come at a more convenient time ... for Sacha Baron Cohen, that is. Buzz for Borat (sorry, I'm too lazy to write out the entire title -- I would hope you know what I'm talking about by now) is at an all-time high, and before anyone has time to be shocked by its potential (but highly unlikely) box office failure, they're snatching up the dollars before anyone knows what hit them.

Sounds swell to me, but what do you think? With news of his next character hitting before production even starts, could this potentially damage (and spoil) his future pranks?

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