You may or may not recognize the name of William Moseley. The young man played High King Peter in The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobeflick, and will return to reprise the role in the upcoming sequel, Prince Caspian. If you don't recognize his name, I wouldn't worry about it, because unlike Radcliffe and the stars of the Potter-verse, the children in Narnia will not be around for the full seven book run. Peter, in fact, will drop off after book two* and won't show up again in a major role until book seven.**

The Hook caught up with William Moseley recently and picked his brain for thoughts on the next flick. Moseley, like everyone else involved with the film, was not able to say much, because "They're keeping it really hush-hush. Whether it's even finished, I don't know." However, Moseley did verify shooting is still set to begin in January, and they expect it to carry well into summer. Moseley also talked about the challenge of acting opposite non-existent CGI characters, and had a very interesting take on it: "When you imagine Aslan you just see some highly individual perception-- I saw a majestic creature. I enjoyed being able to create my own Aslan instead of someone else putting it there in front of me." This makes a lot of sense to me. Moseley, like millions of the rest of us, has read and known Narnia since childhood; of course he had a personal vision of Aslan in mind. We all envision the characters and places we love in great books -- Lewis' description of heaven at the end of The Last Battle has served as my mental image of heaven since I was a child. Moseley was just lucky enough to be a part of his own imagination on the biggest stage in the world.

*Yeah, I'm using the original numbering and not the new chronological numbering. It is how the movies chose to deal with it, which I feel validates my long argued point that the magic of Narnia works best when revealed in the original order. Yes, I know Lewis was cool with chronological order, but I still prefer published order.
**Let's put aside the discussion of grown-up Peter in The Horse and His Boy until we learn how they plan to cast him.
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