One of the most hallowed events of my college career was "MST3KWednesday," which was precisely what it sounds like. All the guys would gather in one dorm room, we'd order numerous pizzas from whichever local was offering the best special, and watch a few MST3K flicks. This tradition continued (although eventually slipped to a different day of the week) through all four years of college, and remains among my best memories for those years. Like most fans, we were all disappointed to know they were no longer producing new episodes, but we enjoyed the numerous creations from the show's long run.

Not so very long ago, Mike Nelson (of MST3K fame, if you didn't know) launched RiffTrax, a website which sold audio commentary tracks which you could download and play along with your DVDs. It wasn't MST3K, but it was an interesting effort. And now, Nelson and his MST3K cohorts Bill Corbett and Kevin Murphy are stepping yet closer to their old line of works with the launch of Film Crew, a three man team which is dedicated to providing commentary tracks for DVDs everywhere (starting with inexpensive B movies, of course). Once they get going, you'll be able to purchase DVDs and listen to them with the Film Crew commentary with voices sure to put you in mind of MST3K. I can't imagine these being anything short of brilliant, myself. Swing on by and help them decide which movies to Riff on first.

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