They were kept high up on the dustiest and most seldom-visited reaches of the horror section. Clad in their bulky red and black clamshell cases, they beckoned to the intrepid young gorehounds: Rennnt uuuussss! Can you handle it, you wimmmmmp?

And so, like any fifteen-year-olds who spend their weekends with Freddy, Jason and Madman Marz, we brought home a few of those Faces of Death videos. Alleged compilations of actual death, mayhem, disfigurement and animal cruelty, the Faces of Death flicks were pretty much 25% tacky "real stuff," and 75% mega-fake bullflop. But that didn't stop us from renting all 12 of the damn things. (Actually there were only six, but it sure felt like more.)

So I told you all that just so I could tell you this: Universal's Rogue division is planning some sort of Faces of Death "remake," and they hired our old palJ.T. Petty to direct the thing! Color my curiosity officially piqued. Considering the nature of such a venture, you can expect that Rogue will stay mum on the specifics of this proect. Keep the whole "is it real or is it fake?" gimmick working all the way. Hell, that's how I'd do it. And based on what I saw in S&Man, I suspect that Petty is just the man for the job.
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