When it comes to fashion, women in their 70s aren't the first that come to mind as being trendsetters, even if they are royalty. Regardless, a new clothing craze has been influenced by something worn by Queen Elizabeth II, or at least something worn by Helen Mirren in her portrayal of Her Majesty in the recent film The Queen. The main article being sought is a Barbour wax jacket called the Beaufort, though other featured garments such as a quilted Liddesdale jacket are also in demand by fans of the film.

I'll be honest that after enjoying The Queen, the only product left in my mind was possibly Range Rover, and not because I wanted to go out and buy one (Elizabeth's gets stuck in a stream), but thanks to this story, I've realized that even my noticing of brands onscreen is indicative of how influential film's may be with product placement, whether blatant or casual. I don't know if I've ever wanted to run out and get something featured in a movie (not counting things that don't exist, of course), so I can't offer any personal examples, but I'm curious to know if any of you readers have purchased something you saw onscreen. Perhaps someone has been inspired by the menswear listed by GQ Magazine in their list of 25 greatest male movie fashions? Even as a halloween costume idea?

Anyway, as long as she's already a great model for their clothes, maybe Mirren could wear something sporty from Barbour (unfortunately they don't make gowns) at the Oscars? I hear she's definitely going to be getting an invite.

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