As if she wasn't already busy enough, super-hot Charlize Theron has now signed on to yet another indie project she will apparently try to squeeze in before the end of the year -- the drama Ferris Wheel, written by Zac Stanford of The Chumscrubber and directed by first-time helmer Bill Maher.

By getting on Ferris Wheel, Theron joins a cast that already includes Nick Stahl, Woody Harrelson, Anna Sophia Robb and indie film vet Dennis Hopper. In addition to acting, Theron will also be producing the film, which tells the story of an 11 year-old girl's struggle to come to terms with abandonment, through her Denver and Delilah production company -- along with Film Engine and Infinity Features.

This announcement is a rather unexpected development considering I recently reported Theron was next going to star in fiance Stuart Townsend's writing/directing debut Battle in Seattle. That film was supposed to start filming in November too. Now, with this film, it seems things have changed a bit on the Battle front.

Perhaps Battle in Seattle is being delayed because of those pesky "creative differences" that can sometimes crop up? Or, maybe its simply a case of "being directed by your fiance" - itis? Or, it could just be financial. Whatever the reasons, it would appear Battle is now going to be back-burnered and Ferris Wheel will take its place as Theron's project du jour. Who gets to break the bad news to Stuart Townsend?

Ferris Wheel is expected to begin shooting in November on location in Canada.
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