If this whole 3-D thing really takes off (and I mean really takes off), it won't be too long before every other film tests out the format. While I have yet to try out the whole IMAX 3-D experience (except for one of those 25-minute Discover Mars films) myself, it seems to be gaining in popularity big time. Personally, after a half-hour in that theater, my head hurt and I was consistently nauseous (I'm a big silly wimp, I know), so the chances aren't very good that I'll slide into an IMAX theater to see one of the following two films (who, might I add, have just announced that they're going IMAX).

Beowulf marks Robert Zemeckis' third film to go the 3-D route, as the digitally enhanced live-action flick is set to bow in 1000 conventional theaters and an assortment of 3-D theaters (an official deal with IMAX has not been reached yet, but is expected) on November 16. Beowulf follows in the footsteps of previous Zemeckis-related films Monster House and The Polar Express. Pic, which was written by Neil Gaiman and Roger Avary, revolves around the epic poem and stars Angelina Jolie, Ray Winstone, Crispin Glover and Anthony Hopkins.

While it won't be shown in 3-D, the upcoming Night at the Museum will also bow in conventional and IMAX theaters on December 22, taking advantage of the assortment of IMAX theaters located within museums. Ya know, so this way you can see a movie that takes place in a museum, well, in a museum. Trust us, people will think you're cool for doing this. I sure will! Museum stars Ben Stiller as an unlucky night watchman at the Museum of Natural History who unfortunately has to deal with the fact that the entire place comes to life as soon as the doors close for the night. Ugh, that's a drag.

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