As much as you would love this film to be about a couple of rappers who have tremendous egos, and go on MTV Cribs to show off their 13-car garage, 8-bedroom house and gigantic swimming pool, sadly it is not. According to Production Weekly, Mekhi Phifer, Vincent Laresca and rapper-turned-actress Eve have signed on to star in Ego, to be written and directed by Antonio Macia.

Story centers around a cop (Laresca) who finds himself to be an emotional mess after harassing the newly paroled ex-con (Phifer) who killed his father so much that it results in the ex-criminal's tragic death. Fifteen years later, this same cop is put to the test when his suspects his partner might be playing with a crooked deck of cards. Hey, whatever happened to Phifer? For awhile there I thought he was on his way to becoming one of the top African-American actors in Hollywood, but then he sort of disappeared off the radar. Was it a case of bad roles or bad acting?

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