I remember a time when mullets looked cool, leg warmers looked hot and my inability to solve even one side of a Rubik's cube left me wallowing in my own inadequacy. It was an age of big hair and those newfangled things called music videos were everywhere. Yes, I remember the 1980s, and apparently so do the people behind Totally Awesome. Produced by VH-1 Films and Paramount Home Entertainment, the film is being billed as a parody of films of the 1980s. The premise is that someone has dug up an unreleased movie from that mystical era and at last turned it loose on the public. The film is directed by Chappelle's Show co-creator Neal Brennan and is co-written by Brennan and Michael Schur, who has written for NBC's The Office and Saturday Night Live.

While frankly Totally Awesome looks totally lame, I confess to being curious about this film. I have fond memories of most of the movies being lampooned here, so I'm game for at least giving it a shot. It looks like the film has elements of The Karate Kid, Footloose,Teen Wolf, Dirty Dancing, and scads of others. The cast includes SNL vets Tracy Morgan and Chris Kattan, with cameos from such 80s luminaries as Ben Stein, Jason Bateman and Jon Cryer.

Monsters and Critics is reporting that this film will be in U.S. theaters November 4, but since the DVD release is scheduled for the same month, don't bet on it getting big distribution. To make things even more confusing, the IMDB lists this as a made-for-TV movie. Maybe they meant made-for-the garbage.

CORRECTION: As pointed out by eagle-eyed commenter Jonathan Carpenter, this film will actually debut on VH-1 on November 4 with the DVD streeting on November 7. Reports of Totally Awesome's theatrical release appear to have been incorrect.
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