I'm a huge fan of the "master of suspense," Alfred Hitchcock. He is an icon of modern cinema who directed so many fantastic films -- including classics like Strangers on a Train, The Birds, North by Northwestand Psycho. Most people probably know him best for those films. But he is also the director of a mysterious film known as Number 13 which is his first film, and was never finished.

No one really knows the exact reason for Number 13's unfinished state, but now, according to a story in Production Weekly, Oscar-winner Ben Kingsley has come aboard the new thriller Number Thirteen, which will attempt to shed some light on the mystery. Kingsley joins a cast which already includes Ewan McGregor, Emily Mortimer, and Dan Fogler, to tell the story of the mystery surrounding Hitchcock's unfinished film.

Chase Palmer makes his feature writing/directing debut on Number Thirteen, which in true Hitchcockian fashion, tells the story of the young Hitchcock (played by Fogler) who is caught up in a love triangle with two members of his Number Thirteen crew. Then, when his lead actor turns up dead, the editor of the film suspects the director and tries to unravel the mystery and bring the killer to justice.

Reading what I just wrote there and thinking about the film makes it sound pretty interesting. As a fan of the master, I have always wondered what did happen with his mysterious first film. Why was it never finished? It's the only one in his huge list of credits that was never completed. Was it something simple like lack of funds or "creative differences" which led to the film's unfinished state? Or, was it, perhaps, something more sinister, as this new film suggests? As a fan, I like to think it was the latter because it fits so much better with the legend that is Alfred Hitchcock. I just hope this new film comes close to living up to Hitchcock's legend when it hits theaters. Shooting on Number Thirteen is expected to start in February.

Are any other Hitchcock fans out there excited to see this film?
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