Way back in June (yeah, that's light years ago in Internet time), Martha told you all about the efforts to finally make a movie about musician Jeff Buckley, who went for an evening swim in the Wolf River Marina fully clothed in 1997 and drowned. Mary Guibert, Buckley's mother, has long insisted that Buckley's death was accidental and was not related to drugs, alcohol, or mental illness; an autopsy showed no illegal drugs in his system at the time of his death.

Hollywood has been interested in making a film about Buckley for years. Brad Pitt, according to a story in today's New York Times, once said that he was "obsessed" with Buckley's music, and tried more than once to get a film project about the late singer's life going; Pitt was thwarted by Guibert, who has struggled for years to not have her son's life, work and death distilled into a two-hour movie. She previously rejected scripts that portrayed her son as depressed and using drugs, and that delved too far into fantasy -- one rejected script by Emma Forrest (who also wrote the screen play for the Bette Midler film The Rose), along the lines of the film The Rose, had Buckley meeting the ghost of Judy Garland.
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