Well there's a reason why the Saw franchise keeps churning out sequel after sequel -- on Friday alone, the bloody thing took home $14 million. That's up from the $12.1 million Saw II took in on its opening day. Damn, is it just me or are people really into this Jigsaw dude?

And it's not just audiences who are scared of the clown-faced serial killer, no one was down with releasing any of this fall's top box office contenders anywhere near Saw III. Both The Departed and The Prestige (less than $3 million each on Friday) were left to duke it out for second place, but their final numbers will come nowhere near the horror sequel, and Catch a Fire (the only other film going wide this weekend) couldn't catch this puppy even if Saw had its weekend gross sawed in half. When it's all said and done, Saw III will most likely double the original's opening with somewhere in the neighborhood of $36 million. With a fourth installment already in the works, just how many of these do you think we'll see?