I kept having flashbacks while I watched the documentary The Third Monday in October. No, not the drug-induced kind, but the kind that you get when you're watching a situation that you encountered yourself a long time ago. The Third Monday in October is about student council elections, which I often entered and never, ever won, so I was cheering for the underdogs right away.

The Third Monday in October was shot during the 2004 U.S. Presidential election campaign, and focuses on student-council presidential elections in four middle schools around the country: Francisco Middle School in San Francisco, Hall Middle School in Marin County, Inman Middle School in Atlanta, and St. Stephen's Episcopal School in Austin. (I drive past the Austin school practically every day, so I was specially interested to see what goes on there.) The film follows eleven of the student candidates, although some get more screen time than others. The filmmakers also interview teachers and advisers involved in the student election process. Eleven students may seem like a lot for one documentary feature, but a few stand out along the way.
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