In case you need one more reason to go to film school, Boston University is now offering a class that teaches movie making with cell phones. The class, which the school believes to be the first of its kind, is sponsored by Amp'd Mobile through a special partnership with BU. Having such a corporate tie-in might seem shady, but the students don't seem to mind since Amp'd plans to distribute the movies to its customers, and few student films are given that kind of exposure. And of course Amp'd hopes its part in forwarding this new medium will continue its association with youth-oriented cellular content (remember they were the company that "debuted" the Scanner Darkly trailer on their phones).

Personally, I'm not a fan of the idea for this class, but then maybe I'm just jealous. When I was taking production classes, we didn't even have digital cameras, and we also didn't have cell phones, let alone phones with video cameras. Oh, and we had to walk ten miles in the snow uphill both ways to and from class. Yeah, I know, I'm old fashioned. But considering all the problems with cellular video -- mostly the sound and image quality -- I don't really see the appeal of it except to offer a cheaper, lazier method to young wannabe film makers.

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