But will it be animated? That is what I'm wondering regarding the possibility of a feature film based on the virtual band The Gorillaz. Created by Blur front man Damon Albarn and artist Jamie Hewlett, The Gorillaz is made up of cartoon characters, which will appear in their own movie according to something Albarn hinted at in Uncut magazine. And not only did he mention the movie, he claimed that Terry Gilliam was involved. Whether this means that Gilliam will be directing is unclear, but considering the Tidelanddirector's origins in animation, he might be perfectly suited for the task.

Or will it be live-action? Though a live-action film could be more costly and more time-consuming (in which case it wouldn't be what Film Ick thinks is Gilliam's "I can do it in six weeks, just knock it out," project he's been talking about), it wouldn't be the first of Hewlett's cartoons to be fleshed out. The 1995 film Tank Girlwas based on his and Alan Martin's comics. Still, I'm not sure many investors would be interested in gambling with this production -- though I would love to see Del tha Funkee Homosapien follow in Ice-T's footsteps and appear in some ridiculous makeup.

Considering Albarn also stated that the "band" is no longer making pop music, there's another question as to what direction the film will go in, if not musical. Hopefully somebody will come forward with some answers to all these questions of mine very soon. I can't wait to hear about more specific details.

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