We've all heard tales of "development hell", projects that end up circulating around Hollywood for years before being committed to film or dropped entirely. Well, Mick Garris, the man behind the TV adaptations of Stephen King's The Stand and The Shining, and creator and Executive Producer of Showtime's Masters of Horrorseries, is developing his recently published novel Development Hell for either film or television. The book, which Garris describes as "an extreme erotic horror novel, disguised as a Hollywood satire," is based on his own experiences in Hollywood. "There are real names that you'll find familiar in the novel, as well as situations that either I or people I know experienced certain forms of," he told Sci Fi Wire. "But hopefully, it's a little more extreme than the reality."

The novel is told from the point of view of a nameless protagonist who tries desperately to make a living in the soul-sucking movie business. After his first two films fail he takes a stab at a reality TV show called Suicide!, the first episode of which culminates in his death. The remaining half of the novel has the character's disembodied spirit seeking out other bodies to inhabit, and somewhere along the way he starts a sexual relationship with a reanimated Jean Harlow. Even if this project ends up in its own development hell (and wouldn't that be a masterful stroke of irony), the book sounds like an interesting read.
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