There were a few things I could have talked about this morning, but how do you ignore Halloween? I've always felt the best way to celebrate Halloween is to come up with a theme and incorporate it into your night. A couple years ago, some friends and I marched in New York City's Halloween Parade (held each year in Greenwich Village and, quite possibly, the greatest Halloween parade on Earth), then came back to my apartment to watch some flicks. Since I dressed up as Krusty the Clown, I made sure we all watched at least one Simpson's Halloween Special.

The good thing about having Halloween fall on a weekday (and, trust me, there aren't many wonderful aspects about this) is that most people get their partying out of the way over the weekend. So, this means your Halloween night can be a bit more intimate. You can settle down with those who mean the most, and design a night that truly celebrates the holiday -- and no, that doesn't include getting hammered until the walls begin to bleed. Since this is a movie site, I know a lot of our readers are probably planning some fantastic Halloween festivities. Myself? I think I'm going to enjoy a few pints of beer (not too many) and settle down for a screening of Shaun of the Dead. Yup, I feel like getting silly this year.

So, I ask you: What are your film-related Halloween plans? Anyone planning a theme night? If so, tell us about it.

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