If you were one of those people anxiously awaiting the theatrical release of Bob Sagat'sMarch of the Penguins spoof, Farce of the Penguins, well you're crap out of the luck -- the flick will instead debut on DVD at the end of January. ThinkFilm was supposed to shovel the raunchy pic into theaters last Spring in order to take hold of the lingering buzz left by the popular documentary, but since production fell behind (to this day, it's still not done), they decided to just toss the thing onto DVD.

If you dig Sagat's warped and disgusting humor, then you should definitely enjoy Farce; a live-action comedy featuring shots of penguins mixed with narration from Samuel L. Jackson (I take it they were looking for the complete opposite of Morgan Freeman here) and a host of voiceovers from folks like Jason Alexander, Dane Cook, Whoopi Goldberg and Christina Applegate. Also, John Stamos and Dave Coulier will show up somewhere, however this Full House reunion should be kept far away from the little ones.

With the amount of talent involved here (I only listed a few names, but there are lots more), I'm surprised it's not getting a theatrical release. I wonder if ThinkFilm is pissed Sagat hasn't finished the film on time, and subsequently pulled this move in order to get back at the guy? Something feels fishy. Was anyone looking forward to seeing this in theaters, or are you just happy the film is being released at all?

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