So now comes the third consecutive Halloween with yet another visit from everyone's favorite ironic torture-master -- and the result is a bloody good time for those movie fans who appreciate copious doses of horrific torture mixed in with a satisfyingly dark sense of (very twisted) morality. Yes, it's Jigsaw time again, a brief moment of rejoicing for those who enjoy a "body count"-style horror flick that's got just a little bit extra going on in the brains department -- and in the horror genre, "just a little brains" is a whole lot more than most of the flicks bother to offer.

Probably best recommended only to those who already like Saw and Saw 2, Saw 3 delivers more of the same mayhem, plus an appreciable dose of dark chills, morbid thrills, and just enough in the "ultra-sick morality tale" department to keep the brainier horror geeks happy. And while it's certainly not destined to go down in history as a brilliant piece of filmmaking, Saw 3 represents the closure of a horror trilogy that, hell, manages to stand head and shoulders above most of its contemporaries -- unless you happen to consider the Part Twos of Freddy, Jason and Michael to be really excellent pieces of horror -- which I don't.
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