• Peter Barkworth(1929-2006) - English actor who appeared in Patton, International Velvet and Wilde. He died of bronchopneumonia on October 21, in London.
  • Megan Barnett (c.1959-2006) - A VP at Walt Disney Co. and formerly a VP at Universal Studios. She died from complications due to an aortic dissection on September 29.
  • Don Christensen(1916-2006) - Cartoonist and writer who worked on many animated films. He was a sketch artist on Pinocchio and Dumbo, then left following the big Disney animators strike of 1941 to work as a storyman or art director for studios such as Warner Bros., Filmation, Hanna-Barbera and Marvel Productions. Some of the shorts he wrote include Gopher Goofy, the racially controversial Tokio Jokio and Daffy's Southern Exposure. He passed away on October 18.
  • Nelson de la Rosa(1968-2006) - Diminutive Dominican actor ("the world's shortest") who appeared in The Island of Dr. Moreau (as Brando's little sidekick) and Rat Man. He died of unknown causes on October 22, in New York City.
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