Are you ready for another Street Fighterflick? Yeah, neither am I. But we aren't the people who make these decisions, are we? So, ready or not, the Street Fighter franchise, which spans tons of video game titles, is set to return to cinema in what I've already labeled the Street Fighter II: Turbo edition movie. In truth, we don't actually know if the film plans to be a sequel to the wildly humorous 1994 Jean-Claude Van Damme vehicle. What we do know, however, is the film plans to center around the popular Chun-Li character. Presumably, she will be an Interpol agent investigating Shadoloo for the death of her father -- but we all know how good movie studios are at staying true to video game plots.

By now, you should know the golden rule of video game movies: they are terrible. Sure, you may be able to point to one or two flicks you consider to be an exception, but really, the world has yet to produce a really stellar (American live-action) video game movie. Chun-Li's story does have the basic makings of your typical cop action story (except, of course, the cop is also one of the world's premiere martial-arts brawlers), but it has a lot of historical momentum to overcome if it expects to be a success. Do you suppose this flick has any chance at beating the odds?

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