Americans who are familiar with Mexican horror films of the '50s, '60s and '70s probably know the genre best from the movies imported to the U.S. by K. Gordon Murray. Flicks like The Brainiac, Wrestling Women Vs. the Aztec Mummyand themany films featuring masked wrestler Santo were often crudely dubbed before playing U.S. theaters or going directly to television. CasaNegra Films is giving audiences a chance to see several Mexican scare classics in their native Spanish with English subtitles for the first time. I recently viewed their release of The Black Pit of Dr. M, and it plays like a lost Universal horror flick. The Vampire Collection, releasing on Halloween day, contains the 1957 film El Vampiro (The Vampire) and its sequel 1958's El Ataúd del Vampiro(The Vampire's Coffin) on a two-disk set.

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