What would the Christmas holiday be like without a few wacky family-related comedies? This year alone we're getting The Santa Clause 3 (11/3), Deck the Halls (11/22) and Unaccompanied Minors (12/8). Directors (and brothers) Joe and Anthony Russo are hoping to tack on their own classic Christmas comedy after teaming up with local TV reporter-turned screenwriter Phil Johnston on A Friggin' Christmas Miracle.

Universal Pictures has picked up Friggin' Christmas from the trio, with Imagine Entertainment tapped to produce. Project reunites the helming duo (who won an Emmy for directing the Arrested Development pilot) with Universal; they also directed last summer's You, Me and Dupree. Story, which revolves around a father who must drive through the night in freezing conditions alongside his own father, and archenemy, in order to retrieve his son's Christmas present (which he forgot at home) on Christmas Eve, is based partially on an experience Johnston had with his own family. Currently, no production schedule has been announced.

What's he wackiest thing that ever happened to you over the Christmas holiday?

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