According to the folks over at Bloody Disgusting, they have in their hands a treatment for a film called Virtue that's currently being sent around to different writers. Okay, nothing new there, however, they claim this script is in fact a prequel to the hit 1995 pic Se7en. Say what? Now, supposedly, this has nothing to do with those graphic novels we talked about over the summer. Oh no, this is the real deal ... or so they say.

Oh, but here's the kicker: The film will not be marketed as a prequel. Instead, they will include a "revelation" of some sorts towards the end of the pic that lets everyone know they're watching a prequel to Se7en. Now, either someone forgot to take their stupid medicine or those demons from BD are messing with us. As the Movie Blog points out, why on earth would a studio try to keep a prequel to a highly successful film a secret for that long? And, even if for some odd reason they voted to go that route, a secret like that would find its way onto the net in no time -- I mean, the sucker is already out of the bag and the freaking script hasn't even been written yet. BD promises to write up a mini-review of the treatment soon, so I guess we'll see what this so-called Virtue is all about. Stay tuned to Cinematical for more details as they become available.

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