So apparently Ms. Tara Reid has a new horror flick called Incubus, and you won't find it in theaters, on TV, or scattered amongst the DVD stacks. Nope, the only way to enjoy the flick, as explained last month by Ms. Kimmy V., is by downloading it from AOL Red, which I'm told is AOL's teen-centric department -- although someone oughtta tell the Red folks that Tara Reid is as much of a draw to teenagers as Ruth Buzzi is a draw to teenagers.

Directed by first-timer Anya Camilleri and written by also-newcomer Gary Humphreys, Incubus is about a group of teens (one of whom is played by Reid, giggle) who run afoul of a psychopath who has the power to control their dreams. Wow, that's completely unique. I've never heard of a horror seriesin whicha bunch of teenagersare horrifiedand harrassedby a psychowith dream-powers!

Previously known as Heart Stopper, and then Nightmares and Pulse, Incubus debuts today on the AOL Red network. The price is $3.99 for a rental and $7.99 for a purchase. Interested parties may want to check out the trailer and/or the press release before parting with their cash, but hey, if Incubus is even half as hilarious as Tara Reid's last horror flick, I'd say that's $3.49 VERY well spent!

[Thanks to Movie City News for the tip. It gave me a hearty chuckle indeed.]
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