Rare is the occasion your faithful Geek Beat author has the chance to throw around links to websites which explain such complex topics as Wall Street financing, so I'm taking full advantage of this opportunity. The Motley Fool is a website which attempts to translate the world of Wall Street into terms simpletons such as myself can have a fighting chance at understanding.

Why, you might ask, is Mark reading Wall Street websites? Well, I could claim it was due to personal interest and a healthy desire for education (I did earn my undergrad in politics, after all, and thus took a number of economics courses in my time), but you'd all see through such a flimsy lie. In point of fact, I happened upon the Motley Fool (which does seem to be a decent site, by the way) in my daily trolling of the internet for all things geek movie-related, because they published a brief and excellent explanation of Marvel's new financial situation with the big "war chest" they've borrowed from major investing firms. Essentially, it boils down to this: Marvel is producing movies with money which doesn't technically belong to them, and any profit they turn is pure gravy.

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