At first we couldn't get nine words out of Rob Zombie regarding his remake of John Carpenter'sHalloween, but once you get finished reading this MTV interview piece, you'll know more than you probably need to about the rocker'sre-do plans. (Forgive me if I express mild disdain throughout this report, as I think Rob Zombie has about as much chance of helming a quality Halloween remake as I have of sleeping with Milla Jovovich ... although obviously I'll keep my fingers crossed on both counts.)

To his credit, Mr. Zombie (acccurately) cites Cronenberg'sThe Fly and Carpenter's The Thing as two of the only worthwhile horror remakes ever made -- and those revisits worked because you had fresh-minded directors who were passionate about using a classic flick as a jumping-off point towards something DIFFERENT. So points for Zombie on that count, even if I wouldn't re-watch The Devil's Rejects or House of 1000 Corpses on a bet.

The rather extensive article also goes into Zombie's intentions regarding the Michael Meyers character, whom he hopes to flesh out as more than just a shadowy background character, some of the "wish list" actors for the Dr. Loomis character (Jeff Bridges and Ben Kingsley have been mentioned), and (of course) the dangers of remaking such a hardcore horror classic. Fans of the Halloween series, even those who are dreading Zombie's re-interpretation, will find a surprising amount of insight from Mr. Zombie -- so here's hoping the flick turns out great. I'm not holding my breath, but hey, it feels better to stay positive -- even when every gorehound instinct I have is screaming NoOoOoOoOooooo!!!

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