There are few movies more anticipated by the Cinematical staff than Hot Fuzz. Why? Because Hot Fuzz is Edgar Wight's follow-up to Shaun of the Dead, of course, and most of us -- if not all -- are huge fans of Shaun of the Dead. We're obviously not the only ones, either; the production didn't make 15 video blogs for nobody. In fact, they couldn't make 'em quick enough to fulfill my needs. Last week, when the two teaser trailers were unleashed, it only made me hungrier. Well, we still have to wait until February to see the finished product, but at least the updates keep coming strong. What's new this week? The Hot Fuzz website. Sure, it's just a simple site featuring the blogs, the trailers and some stills, but hey, I'm not greedy. Besides, can't you enjoy a photo of Simon Pegg and Nick Frost chasing a giant goose for quite some time?

Now, I will admit I'm a little wary about getting too excited, because it just isn't possible for a movie to live up to the expectations I have. So, I'm trying really, really hard to control myself. It is pretty difficult, though, whenever I take another look at the picture of Pegg and Frost with ice cream cones. Doesn't it remind everyone else of a particular scene from Shaun?