Although the rumor had been lingering around for over a year now, Brian De Palma will officially begin production on a prequel to The Untouchables (Dear God, why?) this June. The Untouchables: Capone Rising will be based off a script written by Brian Koppelman and David Levien, the same duo who brought us films like Rounders, Knockaround Guys and the upcoming Ocean's Thirteen. I'm not sure why De Palma would even go near his own classic 20 years later -- I mean, is the guy struggling for material or what?

Story will revolve around Al Capone's early days on the mob scene, and how his rise to power was due, in part, to the seedy, corrupt side of law enforcement. Pic will also focus on Capone's relationship with detective Jimmy Malone (played by Sean Connery in De Palma's 1987 film), a dirty cop who vows to turn his life around after exposing himself to Capone's violent, illegal and dangerous behavior. If De Palma plans to start shooting this thing in June, a cast should be announced fairly soon. Knowing De Palma, the flick will be packed with well-known names, and since Capone Rising will forever live in the shadows of its predecessor, it's definitely going to need some top-notch talent. This, finally, leads me to the big question: Who should play Al Capone and Jimmy Malone? Is De Niro too old to reprise the Capone role? I'll tell you one guy I'd like to see involved in either part -- Clive Owen. Tell me he's not perfect for this kind of material.

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