As I have mentioned previously, there is a large poster of Hal Jordan era Green Lantern gracing the wall of my study. Although my primary love for comic books has always and will always reside with Marvel, there is a distinct soft spot in my heart for Green Lantern. I also think several DC comic characters have very strong movie potential, and have thus typically rejoiced when the possibility of a Green Lantern movie gets mentioned. However, there is one large and glaring exception to my eagerness for such a film, and it rests in the person of Jack Black. For reasons which truly baffle my feeble little mind, Black has persisted in his interest to put together a ridiculous, farcical Green Lantern movie. Thankfully, when early news of such a script got out, the fans rose up and with one voice proclaimed "get your hands off of the Green Lantern, Jack." And they proclaimed it loud enough that Black got the message.

Yes, Jack Black recently admitted such a script did exist, but the very negative reaction from fans everywhere put a stop to any thoughts of making it a reality. So congratulations to you, fans -- you have stopped a great travesty. I like to think we here at Cinematical contributed in some small way to stopping this catastrophe thanks to all of you who shared your comments on the prospect when it floated past the first time. Well played, readers.
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