About a year ago I saw a rather creative little horror indie at the SXSW Film Festival called The Roost, which was directed by a first-timer named Ti West. It was at the same festival a few years earlier that I met a nut called Eli Roth, who was enthusiastically hawking his debut flick, Cabin Fever. So now it seems that the SXSW connection has joined these two filmmakers together; according to Bloody-Disgusting.com, Mr. West has been tapped by Lionsgate to helm the sequel to Roth's Cabin Fever.

That's pretty much all the news we have to share at this point, but I figured the gorehounds would want to know the skinny ASAP -- especially with it being Halloween season and all. The Roost recently hit DVD (and is certainly worthy of a rental), while Cabin Fever has gone on to become a bona-fide cult favorite among the genre-obsessed. Mr. West is presently finishing up on a project called Trigger Man; Roth is currently wrapping up Hostel Part 2 and beginning to prepare his version of Stephen King's Cell for the silver screen.

More info as it becomes known!
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