Odds and ends from a ghoulish Monday:

  • Heck, I never knew those Jane Austen book clubs were so damn popular. (On a personal note, I've never joined a book club simply because I'm afraid I would dislike every member, including myself.) Maria Bello, Emily Blunt (who was probably teased as a child, for obvious reasons), Kevin Zegers, Hugh Dancy, Maggie Grace, Amy Brenneman and Jimmy Smits have joined the cast of The Jane Austen Book Club, a pic based off the popular Joy Fowler novel. Story revolves around a group of women and one man whose lives intersect and unfold in dramatic fashion while all members of the same Jane Austen book club. Hmm, you think this film will have a bunch of Jane Austen references, or what?
  • As we previously reported last Friday, Sacha Baron Cohen has decided to follow up his upcoming Borat film (due in theaters this weekend) with another similar pic for which he'll don his classic Bruno disguise. For those who aren't aware, Bruno is an Austrian homosexual youth-oriented news reporter. When we last left Bruno, a number of studios were fighting one another for distribution rights and, as expected, Universal has won the battle, agreeing to shell out $42.5 million for worldwide rights. But will it succeed now that the secret is out? (Additional Borat info: If you've never seen Da Ali G show, for which Borat originated, HBO will be airing the entire series, beginning this Saturday (noon to 6PM). They will also split up the repeats into two parts, airing one section on Monday (8 episodes) and another on Tuesday (4 episodes). You can also catch the show on HBO On Demand.)
  • With Casino Royale only a few weeks away, its stars are starting to spill the beans regarding the follow-up pic, currently titled Bond 22. Eva Green (who plays Bond girl Vesper Lynd) confirmed producer Barbara Broccoli's previous comments on the film, saying that Bond 22 will pick up where Casino Royale leaves off and the story will revolve around "a dark secret of Vesper involving her lover being tortured, leading Bond to his next mission." Now, she has more to say, though there are some major spoilers (regarding her character in Casino Royale), so before you read the rest, be warned ...
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