Okay, so the long-discussed movie about revolutionary Che Guevara is now turning into two movies, according to director Soderbergh, who plans on shooting the movies back-to-back, ala parts two and three of Pirates of the Caribbean. Production finally has an official start date -- next May -- and shooting will happen primarily in Mexico, although other South American locations will likely be used as well. Soderbergh plans to do most of the primary dialog in Spanish, with actors Benicio Del Toro, Javier Bardem, and Franke Potente already lined up for key roles (and Del Toro taking the title role, of course).

I'm intrigued by this movie, and have hopes of it being an honest, forthright look at the life and goals of Che Guevara. As you all know, the man has a significant cult status -- and so the film has two directions to go:

1. The aforementioned honest and forthright look at the man, displaying both the good and the bad from his controversial, impassioned life.

2. A whitewash biopic which treats him as the tragic hero.

Think what you want about Che -- this isn't a politics blog and I'm certainly not here to give you a history lesson. All I ask is you know about the man before you decide to wear his picture on your shirt. All too often I've encountered goofballs in Che shirts who can't even explain to me who the man was. Frequently, I get explanations like "he is, you know, that awesome revolutionary who, like, you know, fights for peace and stuff. Viva la revolution!" Hopefully, this two-part movie can serve as a means of instructing people, so the current generation has an idea about who that man on all those red shirts really is. So what do you think? History lesson, or cheap whitewash?
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